Discover Why Everything You've Been Taught About Habit Change is Wrong

It’s a myth that you need to have superhuman will-power or self-discipline to have great health, fitness and wellbeing. 

Find out why in my new Tiny Habits Masterclass: The secret to having the body and brain you want without the stress or struggle.

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How You Will Benefit

Feel Energized!

Freed from unrealistic expectations and oppressive rules, healthy habit change is now a real option.

Get Empowered

Learn the secrets to bypassing resistance, lack of motivation, and overwhelm.

Unburden Yourself

The science behind failure (it’s not your fault)! How to succeed over and over again, even if you failed multiple times before. 

Experience Possibility

How to successfully adopt new habits even in the midst of a busy, chaotic life and see your life transform one Tiny Habit at a time.

Become Confident

Build on your successes and discover how Tiny Habits can help you achieve your biggest, most ambitious goals


Find out the best source of support for problem solving, consistent progress, and lasting lifelong results, without the struggle.  

Overall awesome! I experienced a new way to think about how to get my life back on track – sometimes the tiniest thing makes such a big difference – would definitely recommend the program!

-Sarah W., MA

What’s in the Way of Having the Life YOU Desire?

You're A Rebel

I get it! You just don’t want to follow the rules...


In my book, YOU make the rules.

Learn how to master habit change so you never have to follow anyone else’s rules again.

Lack of Willpower and Self-Discipline

So what?


The beauty of Tiny Habits method is that it doesn’t rely on flexing your willpower, or imposing harsh rules to keep you on track.


Bypass the drama and build a better body and brain that serve YOUR dreams. 

Anyone here a perfectionist?

Are you an all or nothing kind of gal, constantly setting the bar higher and higher, and wondering why you never quite get where you want to go?


There’s a better way to excel. Dream big, set the bar low, and enjoy fabulous energy, stamina, and resilience.

Why struggle when there is an easier way?

This masterclass is designed for women who:


Don't want to waste any more time and effort on things that don't work


Aren't happy with the current state of their body and brain


Are willing to try something new


Aren't willing to compromise their dreams and goals

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About your host, Katherine Miller

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Plant-Powered Chef, and Menopause Muse...

Katherine is a lifestyle detective

Her passion is empowering leaders and ambitious professionals to realize their deepest purpose and mission in life by mastering their energy and vitality. She helps her clients conquer a whole range of issues from stress management, burnout and hormonal imbalance to anxiety and weight gain. It’s all about transforming your energy and resilience through small, easy incremental actions that lead to deep long-lasting and sustainable change. All so you can live the life you truly desire.